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This is a family owned/run business.  I remember growing up always wanting to go to the movie theater to see a new release on its opening day.  As the years went on it began to get more and more expensive to go to the movie theater.  I slowly stopped going to see movies and instead I would hear everyone rant and rave about how good or bad the movie was until it finally was available on VHS, then Laser Disc, followed by DVD, HD DVD or Blu-ray DVD and now 4K DVD.  You can bet that the first day it is available in stores, I’m there! 

Now, I have two little boys of my own and when the advertisements come on the television about a new cartoon coming to theaters near you, they just have to go see it on the BIG screen!  Well $70 - $90 later and everyone is happy!

Then, one day while browsing through our community paper I saw a listing for a movie night AND it was FREE!  We went and were in total amazement.  It was outdoors in our OWN community on a clear evening and all the stars were out.  The kids played in the grass, moms and dads snuggled together on a blanket as they sat back under the stars.  It was the best inexpensive memorable evening we had had in a long time.  After the movie everyone was applauding, whistling and we all had a great time.  It was fun for the whole family.

We didn’t have another one for like 3-4 months there after and always wondered why. When questioning the HOA about why they were so few and far in between it boiled down to the pricing of each event.

So, I went home and started doing the research on the whole aspect of this business. How could I get state-of-the-art equipment, sell my services at a cost that everyone could enjoy this type of event multiple times a year and still be able to not only pay off the equipment but supplement my income as well.

Almost a year later I purchased my equipment and am now the proud owned of Celestial Nights Family Entertainment!  My kids get really excited and tell me I’m the coolest dad in the whole wide universe.  I get to go to bed at night knowing there are people who really enjoy my service, others who are appreciative of my honesty and pricing and little ones who will always remember the fun times they shared with parents and friends while watching an Outdoor Movie!